Blue Planet 2 Screening

BluePlanet II

David Attenborough takes us through the Big Blue and its vastness in this new series. From the plants and wildlife living in oceans and by the oceans, he uncovers new species, the synchronicity of the food chains and the impact of human behaviour on those.

Despite its mind blowing beauty, the fragility of nature is shown, and we are reminded of the 8 million tons of plastic washed off each year. Bringing to mind how our daily consumption of plastic products impacts our world and the need for changing our habits as shoppers.

Yet, the water fearing fish, the bird eating fish and the ambush on the Sally Lightfoot crabs give us a new angle on sea life: aggressive, anxious, finding strength in numbers. It is a resilient nature, up to a point when human interference can bring it to a turning point of either thriving or deterioration.

Come and join us this Tuesday to see which episode of the series David Bookless has up his sleeve.

This screening will take on
Tuesday 15th May 2018, 7.30pm at: St John’s Church Centre, Havelock Road, Southall, UB2 4DH

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