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Tackling food waste and improving food security

FareShare are a national charity that works to fight hunger and food waste. They save good food destined for waste and redistribute it to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals for vulnerable people. The food is fresh, quality and in date surplus from the food industry.

At Southall Transition we believe in taking a multi-pronged approach to improving food security. So in addition to planting orchards and encouraging more local food production, we think it makes sense to also address the huge issue of waste within the existing commercial food system and help to redistribute food to where it is needed.

This is why we have teamed up with FareShare and have been working to set up an LCP (Local Collection Point) i.e. a local hub that will make it easier for the food to reach organisations throughout west London.

The LCP will operate from Southall Baptist Church on Western Rd.  Community groups and charities that sign up as ‘Community Food Members’ will be able to collect food from the LCP on a weekly basis. The new LCP will be up and running in 2018.

How Fareshare Works

If you are a local charity that serves food on a regular basis you may be able benefit from this service. To learn more about FareShare please visit their website: www.fareshare.org.uk

To become a Community Food Member please contact:

Rachel Ledwith, London Development Manager, FareShare
E: rachel.ledwith@fareshare.org.uk | T: 07415 855 972

Southall Local Collection Point Volunteer Delivery Drivers Required

Volunteer van drivers are required to collect food from Deptford and deliver it to the Southall LCP at the Southall Baptist church on Western Rd. To learn more and apply, please follow the instructions in the role description which can be downloaded by clicking here.