Community Garden

Bixley Community Garden is located in the Bixley Field Allotments and can be accessed from Willowbrook Road, off Havelock Road.

The garden offers a tranquil and family friendly environment to all budding gardeners.

For more information and current opening hours, call Mani Dhanda on 07490848876

Dairy Meadow pupils discover the  delights of community gardening

In September 2014 four groups of around 15 pupils from Dairy Meadow Primary School visited the garden with their teachers. They were given a tour and had the opportunity to taste and smell various herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Pupils ask questions at the tomato patch

Pupils ask questions at the tomato patch

The children eagerly participated in the days activities and displayed their curiosity by asking many questions.

One of the many things they learnt was how old food waste is broken down into compost, which can then be used to grow new food crops.

Family Fun Day 2014

The Community Garden played host to the annual Family Fun Day on Sunday 29 June 2014. Activities included face-painting, kite-flying and story-telling, along with a bring and share picnic. About 60 children and adults came throughout the day.

Ellis cooks on the rocket stove

Ellis cooks on the rocket stove

Ellis Pritchard from Ealing Transition demonstrated how to build a rocket stove. Using bricks made of clay dug up from the Community Garden, Ellis constructed a small stove and cooked on it.

Bricks and bees at the Community Garden

Over 50 children and adults from Greenfields Children’s Centre in Southall visited the Community Garden on Tuesday 29 April 2014.

The morning included a number of different activities for the children and accompanying adults to enjoy.

Dhush makes bricks

Dhush makes bricks

Daniel Rutland showed the families how to plant vegetable seeds in small pots to take away and grow at home.

The visitors also learnt about “London’s Foundation” which entailed an explanation of local brick-making history, as well as a demonstration of how to make bricks from ‘clay earth’ by Dhush Selvarajah of the Lottery Heritage funded charity Groundwork.

The group discovered how bees make honey, thanks to the expertise of local beekeeper Matwinder Rhandawa who then went on to share some locally produced honey on crackers, which went down a treat.

Finally there was also a quest for flowers with ‘Baz the Bee’!

'Baz the Bee' aka Claire Boot entertains and educates the crowd

‘Baz the Bee’ aka Claire Boot entertains and educates the crowd

Rosie Potter, from Greenfields Children’s Centre, said, “The event created quite a buzz amongst adults and children”

Bali Pallan, from Greenfields Children’s Centre, said, “It was such a good turn out. The children and parents really enjoyed it”.


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