Bhangra Disco Soup


What is a Disco Soup?
Disco Soup is an international grassroots movement to raise awareness of food waste. Disco Soup originates from Slow Food Youth Germany, who devised the concept – “Schnippel Disko” – preparing otherwise-wasted vegetables within a party-like atmosphere, which has since been replicated from Paris to Nairobi to New York. Disco Soup events have the goal of shedding light on the food waste problem, sensitizing people and having fun through cooking with food that would otherwise have gone to waste, sharing food, having fun and listening to music.

The closest Disco soup which has been held was in Kilburn in Brent. It brought together about 150 people from across the community. In the UK, food waste campaigner, Tristram Stuart has been an advocate of holding Disco Soup events in order to help get the community thinking about food waste.

We agree with Tristram, so were delighted when our friends at ‘The Rubbish Diet‘ approached us with a plan to raise awareness of this important issue. On 24th October we joined forces to hold our own Disco Soup. However, this being Southall, we thought it was good to put a bhangra spin on things.

The aim of the event was:

  • To raise awareness of the problem of food waste and the need to think about what food we all throw away.
  • To network the community so that good food which is being thrown away locally by retailers might be able to go to local charitable groups that could use it.
  • Get people talking about food waste in the Southall community.
  • Get local authority information and messages out to local residents about how to recycle food properly and increase food waste recycling in Southall.
  • Hold a fun community event which brings the community together on an important issue.


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