Jubilee Park Orchard – Officially Declared ‘Open’

On 10th march 2018 our volunteers, along with Ealing Council’s Park Rangers, helped plant more trees and fruiting hedges at Jubilee Park.

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The orchard was officially declared ‘open’ by Cllr Simon Woodroofe, the Mayor of Ealing, who also planted a ‘Mayoral Damson Tree’. The event was attended by Virendra Sharma, MP for Ealing Southall and local councillors, including Lady Margaret Ward councillor, Swaran Padda.

Five members of the Jubilee Park Team (Andre Rungen, Joyce Rundell, Sylvie Croslard, Theresa McGovern and Wendy Ho) were also present on the day.

Jubilee Park Orchard Map

 The new community orchard is comprised of 56 trees (52 fruit & 4 nut). There are 32 trees dotted along the path that circles the park and another 24 were planted in ‘Fruit & Nut Corner’. The addition of approximately 30m worth of fruiting shrubs makes this our largest orchard to date.

Varieties include:

Apple (18 varieties), Cherry (4 varieties), Pear (5 varieties), Damson (1 variety), Gage (2 varieties), Mirabelle (1 variety), Plum (5 varieties), Nut (2 varieties).

Common Dogwood, Thorn, Blackthorn, Chokeberry, Honeysuckle, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant, Whitecurrant, Gooseberry and Raspberry.

This phase of the project was carried out with support from the Mayor of London’s Greener City Fund and MyPlaygreen – Timberland, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. We are are also grateful to Kerry Foods/ Noon Products Ltd for their donation.

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